The Selling Process


An in-person consultation will enable your Real Estate Professional to identify your needs and guide you
through the process.

We have compiled the selling process in 8 steps for your review. Please contact us if you have any questions
or if you would like to schedule your marketing consultation today.

1) Get your affairs in order: Tips and list of items you will need

• If married or in a partnership, please make sure all interested parties are in agreement.
• Gather all your information: loans, first and second, line of credit, etc.
• Look for Association documents, if you do not have a copy, order from your Assoc.’s management company
or ask your Real Estate Professional for assistance.
• If in an Association, ask your management company for: latest financials, buyer application package and
• Make a list of the age and repairs for: roof, water heater, AC, appliances, etc.
• Be prepared to disclose all known latent defects.
• Make a list of any improvements you have made.
• Make a list of your objectives and time frames.
• Try to de-personalize the property this will make it easier if you have been living there for a while.
• Make an appointment with your Real Estate Professional.
• Prepare mentally for some of the inconveniences inherent in a sale: Brokers’ tours, no-shows, last minute
appointments, open houses, arrangements for their pets, some delays, and strangers looking
through the closets.

2) Consultation: Meet your Real Estate Professional!

• If married or in a partnership, please make sure all interested parties are present.
• Property tour
• Review #1 with your Real Estate Professional
• Examine local market conditions
• Determine fair market value
• Discuss the highest possible pricing strategies for your property.
• Review and customized marketing plan
• Define how we will work together
• Complete and review seller disclosures on property condition, history and improvements. These will help
buyers act quickly.
• Depending on market conditions and other factors, discuss: home inspections and preliminary title reports
(if necessary).
• Order Association documents if not already done. (if applicable)
• Review and sign listing agreement.

Pre-listing inspections not only reduce the possibility of last-minute surprises but also give sellers’ homes a marketing
edge. The need to make certain repairs — such as to mechanical systems (heating and air conditioning,
plumbing, and electrical) and to address safety issues (broken locks, loose handrails, etc.) — almost goes without
saying. But the pre-listing inspection can help the owner and practitioner decide which, if any, of the remaining
projects to address before putting the house on the market. Even if sellers decide not to make any of the suggested
fixes, a pre-listing inspection can still prove beneficial. For example, it allows sellers to obtain cost estimates for
needed work, so they can offer potential buyers an appropriate, not excessive, discount off the listing price.

3) Preparing: We are almost live!

• Seller to complete any planned and/or necessary repairs and improvements prior to property going on the
• Maximize property presentation: de-clutter, simplify, staging.


4) Marketing: Ready, set, ACTION

• Ensure all inspections, disclosures, repairs, and marketing materials are ready.
• Schedule photo and video shoots (if applicable).
• Write a compelling marketing story.
• Enter property into the Multiple Listing Services.
• Listing syndication.
• Implement customized marketing plan!
• Follow up with agents showing the property: request feedback.
• Collect statistics on open houses.
• Review all gathered information with sellers.

5) Review, negotiate, and acceptance of a contract:

Remember your objectives!
• Review offers with sellers, price, terms, contingencies, financing, market updates, etc.
• Develop and implement counter offer strategies (if necessary).
• Many real estate price negotiations involve multiple counter offers and a lot of back–and–forth.
• All parties in agreement: executed contract.
• Common practice: 15 to 30 days closing for cash deals and 45 days closing for financed properties.


6) Offer accepted: You are one step closer to your objectives

• Make sure all pages are signed and initialed.
• If in an Association: make sure to provide ALL financials, FAQ’s, Association documents and application.
• Your Real Estate Professional will communicate with the selling agent and title co. and provide all of you
with a copy of the executed contract.
• Deposit of earnest money and delivery of receipt to the title company.
• Change MLS status to pending or back-up contract.
• Assist with inspections, coordinate, and provide access to assure they’re completed on time.
• Review repair requests.
• Negotiate and confirm repairs (if necessary).
• Once the step above is completed and agreed upon, ask agent to make sure the lender schedule the
• Assist with appraisal, coordinate, and provide access to the property.
• Follow up with title co. or attorney for title paperwork.
• If the property is in an Association, make sure: application has been submitted and estoppel has been
• Follow up with buyer’s agent and ask the lender if all contingencies have been submitted and met.
NOTE: You are free to choose the inspection, repairs, and insurance companies of your preference.
Your Real Estate Professional will provide you a list of previously used services but remember we do not endorse
or recommend any one in particular.
Your Real Estate Professional will provide you a list of questions to ask these professionals (If requested).
It is also recommended to ask friends and family for services they have had success with.


7) Closing time: Ready for the next chapter, objectives met!

• At this point all terms and contingencies have been met.
• Final walk-through inspection.
• Moving details: cancel utilities, schedule move.
• Day before closing: ALL; review HUD statement, BUYER: gets cashier’s check or send wire to the
selected title co. or attorney. Bank: send funds to close.
• Closing day: Buyer: review and sign all loan documents, Seller: sign documents and transfer deed.
Bank: Review all documentation and approve disbursement of funds and buyer: obtain keys and seller:
gets funding!
• Title co. will record your deed and will mail you a copy or you can print one from public records.
Congrats!!!! New Horizons!!!!


8) Post Transaction: In your new home!

• Change all locks of all doors and update security system (if applicable).
• Complete any planned repairs or improvements.
• Get acquainted with your new neighborhood and community.
• Complete our survey.
• Settling in: check out events at the local community center, check out our website for fun things to do!
This can be found under RESOURCES: Lifestyle Guide. (If staying in the area).
• Stay in touch!



We look forward to keep hearing from you!
Thank you for letting us share this adventure with you!!
The best compliment we can get is a referral!

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